SDS-Blocker CL-102 is a refrigerator sanitizer, deodorizer and freshness sustainer for produce and meats.

SDS-Blocker CL-102 safely utilizes the sanitizing power of ClO2 to deodorize and sustain the freshness of produce, meats and foods in your refrigerator.  This patented new granulated oxidizer allows ClO2 to be released slowly creating a shield of protection.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Creates a protective shield of CIO2
  • Place in refrigerator after opening
  • Lasts 90 days after opening
  • ClO2 kills or deactivates many pathogens in seconds
  • CIO2 neutralizes odors and sanitizes
  • Keeps your produce, meats and foods in your refrigerator fresher longer.

SDS-Blocker CL-102 test results:


Left side with SDS-Blocker CL-102            Right side without

4 Days

12 Days

18 Days

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